Today I want to blog about a topic that we often forget about… the huge┬álink between your hair and a healthy diet. You try to treat your hair well. You buy good products with no sulfates, wash the chlorinated water out of your hair after swimming and are careful of how often you brush, use high heat from blow dryers and flat iron. But does your hair have a strong foundation to begin with?

Our hair only grows half an inch per month. So if your hair is 12 inches long from where it grows out of your scalp (and that’s just a shoulder-length bob), those ends are about 2 years old… that’s a lot of abuse it has survived. It helps to give it a good foundation of health even before coddling it with good maintenance practices. Increasing your intake of vegetables provides minerals and nutrients your body needs to grow hair that is softer and more flexible and elastic. Eating more lean protein strengthens the bonds in your hair, making it less prone to breakage. And of course, increasing your exercise provides additional blood flow to the root of the hair, feeding it as it generates. The link between your hair and a healthy diet is easily seen when your body’s health fails. But how often do we consider that until it happens?

Since starting my garden a year ago and watching it produce abundantly, I’ve automatically increased the nutrition I’ve put into my body. I also have an ultra-frugal nature and desire to not let ANYTHING go to waste. The result is that I’ve increased my intake of veggies and therefore my health. Don’t get me wrong… You’re still likely to see me downing a large buttered popcorn at the movies or too much ice cream cake on someone’s birthday (my recent behavior when I turned 43 last week.) But I believe that health is progress, not perfection and there really is a link between what we eat and the beauty of our skin and hair, so even a little progress is better than nothing. Definitely something to consider the next time you’re in the produce section.

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