In general, these are the best bangs for your face shape. The goal is to create an optical illusion to trick the eye into seeing your face as more oval-shaped. Of course there are exceptions and we shouldn’t be afraid of breaking the rules. But if you want to see the best bangs for your face shape, below are some examples.

Hair grows about a half-inch per month, so your bangs will need a trim about every three to four weeks to maintain their shape and length. Bang trims are complimentary at Profiles so be sure to take advantage of it!

Determine your face shape

Step 1: Put on a headband so that your hair is out of your face.
Step 2: Examine your chin line and hairline in the mirror.
Step 3: Draw some dots on your face near your hairline with eyeliner (not long-wear or waterproof) to help you see your shape more clearly.
Step 4: If you were to connect the dots, ask yourself what shape would you create? The answer to that question is your face shape.

Round Face

Characteristics: Same-width forehead and lower face, with prominent cheeks
Best bangs for your face shape: A long, angular, side-swept bang. If you’re trying to create an oval, then a round face just needs to be elongated, so you wouldn’t want to put straight-across bangs on the widest part of a round face. Any kind of fringe that cuts a third of the roundness off to create that oval shape works, therefore a long, swept across bang is good for a round face shape.

Styling tip: First, add some type of volumizer at the root. Then use a round brush to blow dry your bangs front, back and side-to-side, so that the hair is able to lift off at the root and move equally either way — right to left or left to right. It’s a great way to give some lift to it and some life to it because long bangs can tend to be a bit flat.


Characteristics: Angular jawbone and hairline
Best bangs for your face shape: Full, blunt fringe
Square-shapes can definitely wear a full fringe. However, they can’t be cut too far towards the outer edge of the eyes — they have to be kept narrower in the center. As a guide the top of eyebrow arch to the other eyebrow arch, but not any farther out. In addition, try adding layers that hit below your chin to enhance or adding a reasonable amount of volume on the top of your head — both tricks will help elongate your face.

Styling tip: Make sure if you’re going to round brush the bangs forward, that you don’t round them too much, so that they get TOO full.  Instead blow dry them with flat brush, straight down so that they sit a little bit flatter to the head, so that you don’t get that big, bubbly, pageant-y, prom-y type look.


Characteristics: Same-width forehead and lower face, with longer sides
Best bangs for your face shape: Any style, including no bangs
Oval-shapes can pretty much wear any type of fringe (lucky you) because it’s the most balanced of the face shapes. If your face is more oblong, you should try a wide bang because it will give the eye area a sense of width, which stretches it back into an oval.

Styling tip: The biggest thing is to make sure all those little hairs around hairline are properly smoothed out. There’s nothing worse than smooth fringe and then having these ripples and bumps in the hairline — make sure that it gets blow dried while it’s still really wet.


Characteristics: Wide forehead and narrow chin
Best bangs for your face shape: Long fringe that hits below the chin
No wide bangs on a heart-shaped face because you’re going to draw attention to the widest part of the head. Instead opt for a long fringe, something down below the chin. If the point of interest in your haircut is below your chin, then ultimately you’re going to pull the eye line down creating a sense of length in the face.

Best celebrity examples: Tiffany Thiessen, Reese Witherspoon

Styling tip: To smooth out the face-framing layers, giving the hairstyle a more sleek appearance, try a smoothing gel. Work a small amount into palms and apply evenly through damp hair. Blow dry and style as desired.