Want to know more about the top celebrity hairstyles in 2015? Check out these daring ladies of 2014 and find some inspiration to change up your look this year!

2014 was the year that flaunted lots of interesting and alluring fashion trends for both men and women. One of the most prominent trends of 2014 was shorter hairstyles. Many female celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone ditched long locks and welcomed shorter hairdos.

Get inspired by 2014’s top celebrity short hairstyles and get a brand new look for 2015. You can go for a bob, short straight cut, short cut with bangs, fauxhawk, short wavy cut, pixie cut, short curls and many more.

The bob is widely considered to be the most flattering haircut for all face shapes and ages. Jennifer Aniston’s hair had become more reality TV chic than prime time sleek, according to her stylist. Chris McMillan, Aniston’s longtime friend and hairdresser, told Allure.com the reason Aniston chopped off her hair was that too many people were rocking the long, blonde, Real Housewives look.

One of the most fashion-forward celebrities in both hairstyles and fashion is Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Addison Timlin’s new haircut is absolutely adorable. It is really short in the back, but long enough on top for it to be parted to the side and tucked behind the ear.

Addison Timlin Short Side Part Hairstyle

Shailene Woodley shows off her beautiful features by parting her short hair to the side and slicking it back.

Shailene Woodley Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

Christian Hendricks has her short hair styled into this fabulous retro look.

Christina Hendricks Short Retro Hairstyle

Lena Headey’s tousled waves are a great way to dress a short bob up!

Lena Headey Wavy Bob

Kristin Chenoweth’s super cute short hairstyle is tucked behind her ear with her fringe casually swept across the forehead.

Kristin Chenoweth Short Hairstyle with Fringe